Capture the Present Photography

Viray Thach (pro. Vee-ray Tatch) Illustrator // Graphic Designer Adelaide, South Australia Equipped with a strong background in graphic design and 
a lifelong passion for illustration, I have been practicing my 
art form professionally for approximately six years. 
My illustrations are a rich fusion of pop art and comic book art, showcasing vibrant colour palettes, bold outlines and strong perspectives. Whilst my graphic design work is illustrative and stylised with a strong focus on creating attention grabbing graphics that stand out amongst this visually cluttered world. Themes that I often work with in my illustrations include portraiture, fashion, architecture and the environment. My primary medium is digital painting using programs including Corel Painter, Photoshop and Illustrator, which allows me the flexibility to switch from fluid paintings to vector style artwork. As a continuously experimental artist my body of work is constantly evolving to bring you more out of the box ideas 
and innovative techniques. Please enjoy browsing through my gallery which I've put so 
much love and labour into <3 and let me know if you'd like 
to collaborate together for your next project!
Achievements Trading Metals, 2011 Business Rebranding Designs Xerox Printers, 2011 Christmas Card Design Australian Tourism Industry, 2010 Kangaroo Sculpture Design
Exhibitions 2017 ‘Beyond These Walls‘ @ Carclew 2016 'Freemales Calendar' @ The Coffee Pot ‘Digital Art‘ @ Carclew ‘SALA Festival: Second Nature‘ @ Maché ‘Obscene Publications’ @ The Producers Bar 2015 ‘Tooth & Nail All Stars‘ @ The Producers Bar 2014 ‘SALA Festival: Dessin sur Papiers’ @ Juxtapose Studio ‘A Feminine Touch’ @ Susie Wong Room 2013 ‘Tooth & Nail 2nd Anniversary’ @ Tooth and Nail Gallery ‘Arcade Allstars’ @ Espionage Gallery ‘Unboxed 2 - A Custom Vinyl Toy’ @ Espionage Gallery